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Starbucks – Amazon The New Face Of Organizing

In the past few decades, as manufacturing jobs in the United States have declined, questions have arisen as to how private sector unions can remain vibrant and relevant in the new American economy – which is primarily a service economy. It is one thing to convince an employee who intends to work at a manufacturing job as their career to unionize, while it is entirely different to persuade low-paid workers, often in transitory positions, of the benefits of unionization. Unions are in the process of adapting, most notably with respect to attempts to organize at Amazon and Starbucks. While these companies frequently espouse pro-worker sentiments, they have in many cases engaged in vigorous anti-union campaigns. A group of experts will bring us up to speed on the “new face” of union organization with an emphasis on highly publicized efforts to organize Amazon, Starbucks and similar workers nationwide. Co-Moderators Dean Burrell – Arbitrator/Mediator David Leach – Adjunct Professor, Brooklyn Law School Panelists Niah Baker – Workers’ United employee/organizer Montclair , New Jersey Christina Gallo, Esq. – Cohen Weiss Simon Law Firm Representing Workers’ United – Starbucks Campaign, Buffalo, NY Jennifer Roselle, Esq.- Genova Burns Law Firm Representing Management

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