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National Labor Relations Board : BIDEN’S “BOARD” ONE YEAR IN

We are pleased to invite you for an evening with National Labor Relations Board Member, Gwynne Wilcox, who will be discussing hot topics before the NLRB. Such topics will include the employer’s “captive audience meetings”, the scope of employee “protected activity”, and when work rules unlawfully restrain protected conduct, enhanced penalties against employers such as counsel fees, employee handbooks and more.  Even if you do not directly practice before the Board or arbitrate traditional labor cases, you will find these discussions illuminating.  PERC and other public sector labor boards often look to the NLRB for guidance, so what comes out of the NLRB will have ramifications throughout the labor world.  We are privileged to discuss these issues with current BOARD MEMBER Wilcox.


Galloping HIlls Golf Course
3 Golf Drive
Kenilworth, NJ 07033
United States