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Chapter 44 - Contract Negotiations and Labor Issues

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Labor practitioners involved in the government sector of New Jersey employment are aware that the biggest single issue over the past decade has been the cost of healthcare plans, employee contributions, and plan design. 

By way of Public Law 2020, Chapter 44 (“Chapter 44”), the NJ Legislature Sought to simplify and economize the plans offered by local school districts to their employees.  As with any new law, uncertainty followed in terms of what effect the law had on prior contribution laws (e.g. Chapter 78 and Chapter 2) and what is – and is not – negotiable.  The Legislature followed up Chapter 44 with additional legislation (P.L. 2021, c. 163), which suggests that nearly everything to do with implementing the new health care plans at a local level is negotiable.
NJEA Executive Director Steve Swetsky and School Board Attorney Mark Toscano will explain the ins and outs of the new healthcare system facing school boards, unions and employees, discuss the negotiability of particular aspects, where challenges can be made, and give an overview of how the new legislation is impacting negotiations at the table.


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